What We Do

Brackley develops better buildings for our clients so that they can deliver better care to their residents, patients and customers. Fundamentally, that’s what we do. We know it works from the amount of repeat business we have.

We develop, build and invest in five key health and social care areas.

Care Homes

Whether owned or leased, care homes now form the bulk of our work. Recent specialist dementia care homes have achieved the Sterling University Dementia Services Gold Standard in dementia design.

Primary Care

Originally the only class of property that Brackley did, but having delivered new premises for over 100 practices, the opportunities in the sector have become very limited. We are always delighted to continue to provide new surgeries for GPs wherever required.

Extra Care Residential Accommodation

Primarily as an addition to a large well-located care home / surgery site, we have developed extra care schemes from 28 units (too small in the current climate) through to 60 units.

Reablement Care

As a natural progression to our care home developments, Brackley has several reablement schemes at the planning stage. Designed as transitional accommodation, these centres are created for people who are not sufficiently well enough to go home, but not ill enough to be bed-blocking within the acute sector. Several of our partners are currently working closely with the NHS to provide these services and beds.

Health and Social Care Campuses

In some cases we are able to combine all classes of property we develop on one site to deliver a comprehensive health and social care campus. For example, our Malmesbury Integrated Care Campus in Wiltshire includes a 10-doctor GP surgery, pharmacy, an 80-bed care home incorporating 20 intermediate care beds (NHS-commissioned) and a block of 28 extra care flats.


Premises for our Partners

Whether it is a 64-bedded specialist dementia care home laid out in households of 8, or a 10-partner GP surgery with an out-of-hours facility, a Brackley building will be a better building delivering better care, designed and built just for our client. Everything is designed and built for you the client.

Affordable, Sustainable Development

Partnering with you, our client, from the very beginning, we focus on finding affordable and sustainable solutions, tailored to you and our clients’ needs.

Removing Risk

By partnering with us, Brackley takes on and manages all development risks for your new premises – from conception to completion.

Brackley Care Development and Investment Services

  • Development of care homes either owned or leased by operators

  • Primary care building either owned or leased by doctors

  • Business case development

  • Joint ventures

  • Strategic Partnering and Stakeholder Engagement

  • Sustainable design

On all development schemes we undertake, whether care homes or surgeries, Brackley takes all the risk.

Managing risk and uncertainty on behalf of our care home operators and GP partners is what Brackley has done for the last 20+ years and will continue to do.

Our experience specialising in developing care property delivers:-

“Better Buildings for Better Care”